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Welcome to the Sacred Heart School MakerClub

About MakerClub

At the Sacred Heart School MakerClub we empower students to become confident creators and tinkerers who can design and collaborate on projects. We explore everything from building with cardboard to making a working circuit! Interested in learning more?

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Maker Resources

Looking for projects to do at home or ways to get your family into the Maker Movement? We've put together a list of websites, books, supplies and simple ways to start having fun at home. Please check back often as things are always changing on this page!

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Donate to MakerClub

Are you interested in helping our MakerClub to grow and expand? We welcome monitary donations big and small and also have a list of supplies we are always in need of. Visit the Donation page to see our equipment needs and monitary donation information.

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What will my child learn?

We like to say that MakerClub teaches your student to fail. What we mean by that is that we strongly believe that we learn best through failure and iteration. At our meetups we celebrate discovery and taking chances with your ideas. When we have ideas and are allowed to try them without negative consequences we are able to quickly come to a result we can iterate on and make better. If we have enough time to try all of our ideas we can end up with a working version!

What is STEM or STEAM Education?

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. STEAM adds an "A" and that stands for "Art". STEM/STEAM Education is the focus of the MakerClub and we accomplish this through experiential learning by getting hands and building projects.

What types of projects do you make?

The project list is always changing based on current trends and student interests however, we generally cover the following categories: computer programming, robotics, leatherwork, woodworking, epoxy art, and more!